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Our Story

Traversing the Bailey Range in the Olympic Mountains of Washington State in 2008, our founder thought his backpack was too big and heavy. Lots of trial and error later, our lightweight, fold flat dinnerware for mountaineering became a reality and Fozzils was born. 

Since then, we’ve been dedicated to making unique, useful, and joyful designs. Fozzils is now synonymous with products that give us a little more room in the home, outdoors, and in between.

From our beginnings trying to make climbers’ packs lighter and thinner, Fozzils designs are now sold around the world. We have been granted numerous patents and won design awards, but what we really want is to make our world a little better, a little tidier, a little cleaner.

Our story continues…


Our Philosophy

​Think flat™ – Our design philosophy is fresh thinking to create products that save time, space, and waste.  Simple and neat.  Our international design team isn’t satisfied with what is, we’re inspired by what’s next.​

Think ahead – We design to last.  Durable and re-usable.  Food safe, recyclable materials.  No single use, no disposables. Your world, your planet.

What we think – A lot.  Our patented Snapfold™ concepts allow us to make ordinary products extraordinary. Products which assemble and collapse – often absurdly fast, always easy.  Sturdy. Thin. Organized.  For a fresh, uncluttered life.


Morning oatmeal in the North Cascades

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